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Conditions of Use

General conditions Roukama

Article 1 BUY

1.1 All offers on this Internet site are entirely optional. An agreement of purchase and sale is not to stand earlier than the time when Roukama respond to the order made and the parties agreed to deliver the goods and to pay the purchase price. Prices in our shops are subject to changes, errors, etc. .

Article 2 PAYMENT

2.1 The buyer must comply with its commitment to using one of the payment method given in this article ; .
1) The goods delivered COD (Only Netherlands), upon receipt of the goods must be paid to the postman or designated person
2) Pre transfer the amount owed on bank account no 6293567 in name of Roukama Motorcycle Parts Wormerveer Zaanstad, please include ordernumber.
3) Credit card payments: We accept Credicard through Paypal

Article 3 DELIVERY

3.1 All deliveries are property to Roukama VOF; ownership of the goods is not transferred to the buyer until the purchase price is paid .

3.2 Duties of delivery on this Internet site are approximate , at the sale alterations may be made if agreement is reached.

Article 4 WARRANTY

4.1 Products that were delivered by Roukama and equipped with a factory serial number affixed by Roukama for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase, with the exception of guaranty are starters, dynamos, rotors and other related electronic wear out parts. This warranty gives the right to free repair if within the warranty period by Roukama a manufacturing or material is found.

4.2 Change of products which have failures within 8 days after receptence may be send back to us. These must be in original condition and packaging and will be changed after been inspected by Roukama VOF.

4.3 Due to repair and / or replacement of products, the warranty does not run again.

4.4 On the repairs itself is a guarantee for a period of 30 days from the return of Roukama.

4.5 When there is improper handling, wrong line, effects of moisture or other causes beyond the influence of Roukama,this is not covered by the guarantee

4.6 The Guarantee never stretches from seeking compensation for costs or damages incurred by a party other than Roukama neither are modifications or repairs to the products made, or if the products are used for purposes other than those for which they are intended, or careless or injudicious manner have been treated or maintained.


5.1 As regards to legal disputes only the Dutch court has jurisdiction.
5.2 All agreements and disputes between the parties, will fall under Dutch law.


6.1 Roukama will in the recording, editing and use of your personal data observe all legal requirements .

Article 7 GRAPHICS

7.1 All images, drawings, information on weights, sizes, colors, etc. included in price lists and folders, apply only approximate and can not give right to compensation and / or dissolution. Roukama VOF does do its best to put accurate information to appear on the site but also depends on its suppliers.

7.2 Images are often also as a universal example and only intended for guidance.

Article 8 RETURNS

8.1 After the clients has received the ordered item(s), he/she has the right to cancel the agreement with Roukama VOF within 8 business after receptence. The customer is not under an obligation to to give a reason to give up.

8.2 If the customer agreement pursuant to Article 8.1 of those intending to dissolve, the customer has to put this in writing (via e-mail, letter or fax) to Roukama VOF. The customer needs the product - after consultation with Roukama VOF - send it to a fixed return address of Roukama VOF. The customer has in this case to pay for al costs for shipping and insurance.

8.3 If client has already made payments, Roukama wil return these payments within 14 days after receipt of the products in original packaging.

8.4 Roukama VOF reserves the right to return products or to refuse the products or to allow only a portion of the amount already paid by credit where it is suspected that the product has already been opened, used or through the fault of the customer (other than those of Roukama or VOF the supplier of the product) is damaged.

8.5 When a product has been send back that has damage due to negligence or handling or at risk for te customer, Roukama will send notice of this(thru e-mail, fax or phone). Roukama VOF has the right to the depreciation of the product as a result of such damage to witdraw value form the returned item or even rufuse the payment..

8.6 As defined by law are of course the provisions in the law "Buying at a distance" that apply.

Thanks to P. Stassen

You can also be download thes conditions in HTML format, download here.


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