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HIGHSIDER 7 inch LED main headlight insert TYPE 1Round, black insert with high-beam, low-beam and parking light. Reflector emits an asymmetric light - approved only for right-hand driving, E-marked.Our highlights – give your bike its unique style! The exceptional design and the perfect technology of the HIGHSIDER headlight series makes you absolutely to a highlight!DimensionsDiameter A = 176 mmDiameter GA = 168 mmDiameter I = 161 mmDiameter cooling ribs K = 111 mmT = 82 mmR = 8.5 mmSpecificationsCurrent consumption at 12,5 volt: Low beam only 1.9 ampere (approx. 23.75 watt)12 volt 1069 lumenOnly centre LEDs are lightning. High beam: only 1.4 ampere (approx. 17.5 watt)12 volt 1100 lumenOnly LEDs in the external ring are lightning. If you use headlight flasher, all LEDs will be on. Light value at 12 volt for high/low beam: each approx. 1250 lumenCable assignment reflectorBlack = groundRed = high beamBlue = low beamAdditionally 2 cables for parking light: Black = groundRed = parking light Delivery contents: 1 Pcs. inclusive mating connector with cable for H4 bulb, length: 210 mm Cable assignmentGreen = groundBlue = high beam White = low beam NotesAsymmetric reflector - approved only for right-hand driving.This insert is also available with a housing. Item No. 223-134 and 223-183

  • Model: 226-011
  • Fabrikant: HIGHSIDER

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